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Stop Common CoreAmerican Principles Project and the Concerned Women of America in Georgia made the following video series on the Common Core State Standards possible.  Jane Robbins of American Principles Project gives a broad explanation of the problems of the Common Core.   So if you are not sure why the Common Core State Standards are a bad thing, here’s a good place to learn why I and so many others are dead set against their implementation.  You can watch below.

Education: National Common Core Standards Friday, August 24th, 2012   audio podcast Media Network
Show host Alex Parniuk interviews Heather Crossin and Erin Tuttle — they discuss the controversy over National Common Core Standards within education.


Public Forum on Common Core (July 10, 2012) in Utah

This video features the following four presentors:

Emmett McGroarty from the American Principles Project
Dr. Bill Evers from the Hoover Institute at Stanford
Jamie Gass, Director of the Pioneer Institute
Kent Talbot, Former counsel to the DoEd under G.W. Bush

Warning! Federal Education “Standards” Coming Soon?
August 17, 2011  CATO Institute Podcast     audio

Dr. Walt Chappel, Member, Kansas State Board of Education…   speaking for himself, not the State Board of Education
Interviewed by Megan Mosack on WIBW Talk Radio in Topeka, Kansas.

If implemented, the CCS will be NCLB on STEROIDS!!


Two Moms Against the Common Core

Christopher H. Tienken, assistant professor of education administration at Seton Hall University discusses the school reform landscape.

States Threaten To Defy ‘No Child Left Behind’

Watch this video about student information
Schools Selling Students’ Personal Information

By Amy Davis  August 24, 2010  Click2Houston

As cases of identity theft, database hacking, and the sale of personal information increase daily, the need to protect children’s privacy becomes even more urgent. Schools are a rich source of personal information about children that can be legally and illegally accessed by third parties.