It would be a shame if I did nothing with the knowledge that I have about how Common Core is literally hurting our children and destroying the American public education system. So I have chosen the path of political action and advocating for local control of education. Americans have a long history of doing great things. During the Industrial Revolution when children were shamefully being abused to work in factories people stood up and laws were enacted to protect them.

When every New Yorker in all 62 counties – especially parents – organize and share with two people and they in turn with another two and so on what’s wrong with Common Core we will continue to grow the opposition. As Dr. Duke Pesta says, “It’s global elitists against everyone else.”

Activists from around the state and country have contributed to this website. The information is here to show you the facts and to provide action items to help you get started in your pushback or to help you to continue your opposition.  The website translates to numerous languages. Please consider an outreach project to newly arrived immigrants in your community. You can even call upon your veterans. Wouldn’t they want to know what’s happening the schools they attended. It’s a great to time to thank them for our Liberty and now it’s our turn to stand up.

As we get ready to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend consider what would happen if we do nothing. Whether you love children, your community or country I believe public education is worth fighting for.

The politicians in DC who have never met your children have increasingly made education centralized and thereby you’re losing local control. Nowhere in our constitution is education mentioned and the reason for that is that our Founding Fathers knew local control was best.

I invite you to WATCH (click here)  and listen to this video from an Education Forum sponsored by Assemblyman Pete Lopez , District 102,  where Dr. Peg Luksik from Founded on Truth uses original government documents to show you what’s happening to education. About 3/4 way through you will see the MOST DAMNING slide.

Assemblyman Lopez says, “I’m not a fan of top down education.” Please reach out to him.

There’s plenty each of us can do to protect local control of education. The people who are pushing this Common Core reform forgot that behind every child are parents. The chain of the bond of Love is strong and cannot be broken.

Cathy Sapeta


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New Yorkers United for Kids participated in orchestrating the event. Thank you to Mert Melfa for the video.