Education Experiment “Improved” Without Warranties or Guarantees


Take Back the Education Poison

Take Back the Education Poison

Team NYU4K writes about the Extended School Day

One of hot topics in education is the idea of extending the school day with recommendations for 30 minutes to as much as 2 hours additional class time each day. The belief behind this is that it will close the achievement gap and improve student achievement in high-poverty, low performing schools. While extended school day has a host of potential positive benefits such as more time for classes such as art and music and more learning time with educators. While the theory of more learning time sounds good, there is no guarantee that more time will equal more learning especially if the teachers are not provided with the proper amount of time to prepare. If implemented incorrectly making the school day longer can have a host of negative effects on students that include less time for personal interests and family time. If one peers closer at this topic, it is clear that one of the idea’s behind extending the school day is that it would provide the foundation needed to sustain a successful Common Core implementation, since students would be given more time to learn the material set forth in the standards through extended math and English classes. We as educators, parents and concerned citizens need to step back and call for a full repeal of standards that require a longer day for our students, if the day needs to be extended up to 2 hours just to ensure that students can achieve academic success then it is time to see that the problem is not the students, or educators but New York Governor Cuomo and the Common Core Standards.


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