Core of the problem

Core of the problem

Preet Bharat on Sheldon Silver

“The people of New York should be disappointed. They should be really disappointed. They should maybe be angry. When so many of their leaders can be bought for a few thousand dollars, they should maybe be angry,” he said. “Money is often the core of the problem.”

From Observer News

130 years in prison sentence to Sheldon Silver – video

Preet Bharat says that money is at the core of the problem. And so to is money at the core of the Common Core problem. Who does Bill Gates, the principal financier of the Common Core, think he is? He said it will take 10 years to see if this education stuff works. But his kids don’t go to Common Core schools. Parents should be angry and in New York we expect more than 500,000 to opt out of the tests.


No, you're not next. You're last.

No, you’re not next. You’re last.