What is so bad about Common Core Math?


View and listen to Dr. James Milgram video.

Dr. James Milgram

What is so bad about Common Core Math?

This Women On the Wall Conference Call archived podcast is one of the most important to listen to, and then share with your friends and neighbors.

Our children are in great danger and their future is a risk because of the Fuzzy Common Core Process Math Standards their teachers are being held accountable for teaching.
Special Guest was Dr. James Milgram.
Dr.Milgram is a former NASA mathematician, Stanford math professor, and the only true mathematician to serve on the validation committee for Common Core. He refused to sign off that there was adequate academic legitimacy to Common Core Math.
Dr. Milgram clarified what the challenge is with the Texas Math TEKS; while flawed, because of the “Process Standards” at the beginning of each grade level, they do have good “Content Standards” for teachers to work from.

There is a solution!

But you won’t know, unless you listen and learn yourself.
Task #1 Protect your own child from what is happening!!
Task #2 Tell you friends and neighbors.