Common Gore (updated with full video)

Common Gore (updated with full video)

Bipartisan Support for the Parental Refusal Act *(updated with full video 3/19)

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New Yorkers United for Kids supports the new bill from Assemblyman JimTedisco, The Parental Refusal Act. Tedisco says, “This bill allows us to make sure school districts inform them. A parent can not only refuse the testing for their child, but neither they, nor their child, will not be penalized, nor can a child who takes the test, be rewarded.”

While many parents understand they have the parental right to refuse the tests there are many that may not know. This bill helps the parents to exercise their rights. According to Dr. Peg Luksik, “Research has shown that these tests are often a measurement of poverty than that achievement. High stakes assessments such as these not only measure poverty but punishes the children of the poor. This is exactly the opposite of the intent of American public education.”

Cathy Sapeta of New Yorkers United for Kids says that

any legislation that helps parents to protect their children is good.

She further states, “The Common Core State Standards Initiative is unconstitutional and New York should fully withdraw. Regarding testing the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) national test already exists and allows comparisons of academic achievement to be made across the states, without the necessity of imposing national standards, curricula, or assessments.

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Watch the full uncut video from the March 17 press conference.

Mert Melfa Media presents this press conference exclusive video from March 17 with Assemblyman Jim Tedisco introducing his bill to supportive parents and students. WATCH.

Quotes from the press conference.

Kids are losing their bowels. This is child abuse.

Let’s go back to the little red school house. Commonality is great for an assembly line but not for our kids.                                                 – Assemblyman McLaughlin

Parents and teachers are screaming out. Keep up the fight. This (Common Core) is hurting these children and they deserve better.      – Assemblyman Graff

We’re here because we care about our kids.  The Regents fail us.  Inspire and allow the young people to reach their full potential. – Assemblyman Lopez

That child who is stabbing himself is from my district. -Assemblywoman Tenney

I don’t want to call this Common Core. I want to call this Common Gore. That’s a sad thing.  – Assemblyman Tedisco

I don’t want to be the generation of the guinea pig. What gives Bill Gates the right to experiment with my future? – Kimberly Walch – New Yorkers United for Kids

Our educational system is just fine  (without a common core). Whose value system is driving the common core?  – Earl Wallace, Educator, Three Dimensional Leader


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Dr. Peg Luksik, national education expert, will be presenting on New York and the Common Core Revealed and the Tests – Invalid and Unreliable on March 23 in Orange County. Click Here for Flyer.

Save the Date – April 28 Dr.Peg Luksik comes to Nassau County.


Choose to Refuse

Choose to Refuse