But they say

Why do teachers give tests?  The answer seems pretty obvious that teachers give tests to see what the students have learned.

So why do we advocate to refuse tests? That answer is pretty easy once you know the specifics about the high stakes tests we are advocating to parents to refuse for their children.

But they (school district websites) say take the tests because of this that and whatever.

Here is what education expert Dr. Peg Luksik has to say about Computer Adaptive Tests – Feb 2014, Poughkeepsie, NY forum- major sponsor New Yorkers United for Kids. WATCH.

Here is a testimony by a New York State parent on refuse the tests. WATCH.

Refuse the Test Tools by Opt Out CNY. CLICK HERE.

Audio clip with Eric Mihelbergel on Why Refuse the Tests. CLICK arrow below.

New Yorkers United for Kids Trifold on Testing and other resources. Downloadable, Printable, Share via FaceBook, Twitter etc. CLICK HERE.

What’s happening Albany – 3/17/15  Murphy/Tedisco Parental Refusal Act Listen to the parents who see first hand what the Common Core is doing in New York Classroom. Listen to the politicians who have been in office for 2 years and are giving witness to the truth of what is happening to the children!    Here’s why we want a law to tell the schools to follow the law! CLICK HERE

Parents – Grades 3-8 submit your refusal letter. Click Here for Template.  CC_TESTREFUSE01                         And share your knowledge with others.

Parents did you know you have the right to refuse the tests?

Parents did you know you have the right to refuse the tests?