Refuse The Tests – Dialogue with Eric Mihelbergel

Listen to the Conference Call recording on REFUSING THE TESTS here. Click the arrow to play the audio file.

Eric Mihelbergel is a founding member of NYS Allies for Public (, Western New Yorker’s for Public Education, and NYS Refuse the Test. Eric has personally helped hundreds of parents across the state of New York to fight against high-stakes testing. He will be discussing the reasons that parents refuse state tests, and the steps that should be taken to refuse the tests. Contact Eric at

Cathy Sapeta is an educator. She holds an MS in TESOL, an MBA in International Business and an MA in Marketing. Cathy advocates for policies and legislation that allow teachers to teach and children to learn. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Restore local control to education and get the politicians out of our kindergarten classrooms.

Stop Common Core

I want my mommy!

The Dialogue on the call is intended to help parents, teachers, and taxpayers understand why there is a REFUSE THE TEST MOVEMENT and the simple steps on how to REFUSE!

If you don’t currently have local support on education issues please send an email today at

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