New York Deserves Better Than Common Core. Sign the petition. Pass it on.

New York Deserves Better Than Common Core. Sign the petition. Pass it on.

February 2016

Are you tired of Cuomo’s pretend panels and marketing about Common Core tests, teacher rating system delay and the marketing of “standards” based education?  You know New York deserves better than Common Core. Our State Senators had a full  repeal of Common Core Bill that we anticipate will be reintroduced by politicians who want to keep their jobs . And many of our Assembly members signed on to Stop Common Core with Bill A05142. We KNOW New York can do better than a Common Core. Common Core is so bad it unsells itself. We would like to send a message to the Governor.

Cuomo's Gotta Go!

Cuomo’s Gotta Go!


All children can learn. All children learn differently.

All children can learn. All children learn differently.


Cuomo on Public Schools

Get the politicians out of our kindergarten classrooms.

Put an End to Common Core in New York

Dear New Yorker:

New Yorkers United for Kids is joining with our fellow citizens across the state to urge New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to repeal the Common Core State Standards. The Standards were developed without teachers. They are experimental and expensive. And they have compromised the authority of parents. So we are asking parents, educators and concerned citizens to add their names in order to stop the Common Core State Standards.

February 18, 2016

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Albany State Capitol
Albany, New York

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We write to you in your capacity as governor of New York. In particular, we write to you about stopping the national Common Core Standards system.

Common Core has been a total disaster in New York State. Our children are in harm’s way. Students are being exploited in an educational experiment that Bill Gates says will take ten years to evaluate. Parents have not given permission for their children to be used in this Common Core experiment. It was rolled out by businessmen who never either met the “guinea pig” children or the teachers forced to experiment on them.

The Race to the Top Grant associated with the Common Core violates our privacy by “data mining” information. The information collected is more than just test scores and academic progress. Common Core will track information on religious practices, political beliefs, “sex behaviors and attitudes”, and more.
Taxpayers don’t want the burden of the unfunded mandates of Common Core. Funding an educational program that is experimental is not an ethical use of tax dollars.

We respectfully ask that, as our Governor, you issue an executive order to immediately stop Common Core, and support legislation to make that action permanent. We respectfully submit that your decisions on this matter will define your legacy.


New Yorkers United for Kids
New York Citizens


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