What’s Wrong With Standards Based Education?

The simple answer to the question what is wrong with common core is PLENTY! How dare the politicians and corporate reformers think that they know better than mom! Do you remember that saying, “Mother knows best?” She does know best. She’s the closest to her child. Did you know that in the Every Student Succeeds […]

Message for Public – Parents and Taxpayers – Opt-Out

Message for Public – Parents  and Taxpayers – Opt-Out

                                Meme Credit To Chris Zaleski Why do teachers give tests?  The answer seems pretty obvious that teachers give tests to see what the students have learned. So why do we advocate to refuse tests? That answer is pretty easy once you know the specifics about the high stakes tests we are advocating to parents […]

You’re Fired!

If your elected isn’t working for you isn’t it time to say, “You’re fired?” Find a suitable replacement candidate. In the mean time here are some things we can do to help push back on Common Core including thanking the State Assembly members – Democrats and Republicans – who sponsored Assembly Bill A5142 to Stop […]

Common Core Exposed by Project Veritas

Veritas exposes Common Core Watch Here!   https://www.projectveritas.com/   And there is much more Truth as to what is happening in our schools and the shocking details. Join Dr. Peg Luksik, national expert educator, of Founded On Truth as she puts Common Core under the microscope and exposes it. Monday, January 18 at 6pm in Syracuse, […]

Million Mom Marathon

Million Mom marathon     Million Mom Marathon 2016 -If you refused the tests – TELL 5 FRIENDS AND TELL THEM TO DO THE SAME – DOUBLE DOWN! Every mother, grandmother and caregiver will do what it takes to protect their children. The New York Senate website claims these Senators represent the people in their district […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

FROM A PARENT November 26, 2015 Senator Serino, I am writing in response to your email suggesting that we all complete the NY SED survey. I am distressed! I attempted to complete the survey to explain what it is about the the Common Core that is troubling to me. The survey is purposefully long, complicated […]