Counties Help Stop Unconstitutional Common Core

Common Core - Disaster

CALLING ALL COUNTIES OF NEW YORK Common Core is continuing to reveal itself. New York has had it for 2 years and we need to withdraw from it now and help our kids. It’s not working and will NEVER work! You cannot standardized kids. Help stop the war on youth. We are New Yorkers. We […]

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Mike Queen Show and Dr. Peg Luksik – June 24

Hello America! The cloak of the deceptive marketing of Common Core keeps getting revealed with the Truth. Want to hear what facts were found on Data Mining in West Virginia? Listen to the Mike Queen Show with guest, Dr. Peg Luksik, National Expert Educator from Have a great day!   Cathy Sapeta  

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A Pigeon Hole Or An Open Door

Pigeon Holed?

Kathleen Zebzda, MSEd Guest columnist As the school year draws to a close, many teens are starting their summer jobs. I am remembering back to when I had my first real job for the summer. The main objective for me at the time was to earn money for the upcoming school year. I could bank […]

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The Constitution – Know it. Honor it. Protect it.

Constitution Recording LISTEN HERE TO RECORDING. June 22 Conference Call on the Constitution from 8PM to 8:30PM ET Conversation with the Liberty Day Institute – Founded in 1996 by Andy McKean and his late wife, Kathy, the Liberty Day Institute (formerly “Liberty Day”) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonpartisan organization dedicated to educating all Americans, but especially […]

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Political Class Vs The Rest of Us – Duke Pesta on the History of Common Core

Dr. Duke Pesta

Don’t miss this! How did we get into a “Common Core?” Under Cloak and Dagger Darkness the Common Core came in! Common Core has been in the works for 80 years and it’s history goes back further. UPDATE: Watch the VIDEO!  Dr. Duke Pesta on Common Core History April 27, 2015 Video Credits on video Thank […]

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Tests and Creating Failure Event July 14, 28

Get the Truth with Dr. Peg Luksik.

Join Dr. Peg Luksik of Founded on Truth with Host George Morton for a 30 minute Town Hall Conference on July 14 and July 28. On July 14 listen to “Let’s Talk About the Tests” and on July 28 listen to “Creating Failures in Kindergarten”. You’ll have an opportunity to submit your questions. It’s time […]

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Ten Percent Plus

Children belong to their parents!

Over ten percent of New York Counties have come out opposed to Common Core and the numbers are growing.   Orange County recently passed a Resolution opposing Common Core.  Karen Edwards of Orange County said, “If anyone told me 2 years ago that I would be fighting for my children’s education, I would have told […]

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