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New York Questions Common Core! CDs from Dr. Peg Luksik

Dr. Peg Luksik
Founded on Truth

Watch the trailer now! Learn the truth about Common Core. Get a CD today! Call 914-364-6242. Dr. Peg Luksik of Founded on Truth Presents Common Core – Track History, Problems of Theory and Testing Donation $10.00 + shipping We would like to hear your feedback on how this helped you in New York. Visit […]

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If not Common Core, then what?

Standardized Dummies

(By David Greene from -”Doing The Right Thing: A Teacher Speaks Out”) “She must have been the ripe old age of 23. We had no idea. We were 7. When she passed away in 2009 several of us from that 2nd grade class in a poor working class, integrated, south Bronx neighborhood were at her […]

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Charting a Course for Community Success – Astorino united with parents and teachers

Parents and Teachers Unite to End Common Core

Let’s talk charter schools—as a school choice issue. Right now there is a cap on charter schools in NY State to 460 charters. There is a huge application process and the need for a charter has to be recognized before a charter is granted and the local community input has a great impact on whether […]

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Put An End to Cuomo’s Common Core – Urgent Petition


Let’s all work together to make New York great. Help us to end Common Core. Read the petition, sign it, and share. We would like to meet with the Governor before the start of the new school year.

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Education Conversation Event – Grassroots Unite


July 13, 2014 Contact: Cathy Sapeta 914-364-6242 Saturday I attended a unique, bi-partisan, grassroots Education Conversation in Schenectady. From across the state of New York well informed parents, educators (many with 35 years’ experience) and concerned activists gathered to talk about education topics including the history of Common Core, APPR/Teacher Evaluations, High Stakes Testing, […]

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Stop Common Core Ballot Line Announced July 8 at Albany Press Release

Stop Common Core Ballot

Watch Video of Press Release about Stop Common Core Ballot Line by Gubernatorial Candidate Rob Astorino with students, educators, and parents. Video: Exciting news! Astorino launches bid for anti-Common Core ballot line. Click here.

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