Counties Help Stop Unconstitutional Common Core

Common Core - Disaster

CALLING ALL COUNTIES OF NEW YORK Common Core is continuing to reveal itself. New York has had it for 2 years and we need to withdraw from it now and help our kids. It’s not working and will NEVER work! You cannot standardized kids. Help stop the war on youth. We are New Yorkers. We […]

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Which Presidential Candidate Stands For Local Control of Education?

Our Founders never meant to have some bureaucrat in Washington telling parents and teachers what to do with our children! You can help change the mess Washington inflicted on us on election day. Vote!

  October 27, 2016 An Open Letter to the American People   My Fellow Americans:   It’s hard to believe that it’s already been seven years since the installation of the Common Core State Standards in New York State. Two years since we legitimized our movement in the gubernatorial election of 2014, and yes, it’s […]

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Parents & Teachers What Do You Think About Latest Big Education Fad?

REPRINT FROM August 8, 2016 The Latest Big Education Fad, Social-Emotional Learning, Is As Bad As It Sounds Jane Robbins 8/8/2016 12:01:00 AM – Jane Robbins The U.S. Department of Education (USED) longs to plumb the psyches of our children (as its own reports reveal – see here and here), and it enjoys the eager […]

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How To Defeat Common Core Webinar – July 14

I chuckle when I hear we can’t do anything about Common Core. There’s plenty to do and parents all around New York State and saying, “Hands off my kids!”. Join us on Thursday, July 14 for a very special presentation. You will be glad you did!   Click Here to Find Out More  

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Profit vs Widget

It would be a shame if I did nothing with the knowledge that I have about how Common Core is literally hurting our children and destroying the American public education system. So I have chosen the path of political action and advocating for local control of education. Americans have a long history of doing great […]

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High Stakes Testing and Opt Out New York

In Loco Parentis, High Stakes Testing, and Opt Out By Tim Farley Just a few years ago, parents sent their children to school with an enormous amount of trust and faith in the teachers and administrators. There was a general sense that the education professionals would consistently act in the best interests of the students in […]

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Data Privacy – Did you know?

There were no educators involved in Common Core. Would you subject your child to an experiment?

FERPA was changed to allow collection and sharing of children’s personal information without parental consent. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Parents continue to band together and push back on Common Core. Common Core is the program where the taxpayer is the piggy bank and the children are the guinea pigs. But why […]

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