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Counties Help Stop Unconstitutional Common Core

Common Core - Disaster

CALLING ALL COUNTIES OF NEW YORK Common Core is continuing to reveal itself. New York has had it for 2 years and we need to withdraw from it now and help our kids. It’s not working and will NEVER work! You cannot standardized kids. Help stop the war on youth. We are New Yorkers. We […]

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Full Repeal of Common Core – Support A05142 and a Senate Companion

Kids deserve better than Common Core.

CC_LobbyA05142June2015 Download Word version. You may add your contact information to the top of this flyer that can be sent to your elected officials.

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Why Pull Your Kids Out of School?

Get Smart! Pull Your Kid from Government Schools.

Progressive educator’s original goal? Abolish Christianity Author warns John Dewey was original proponent of dumbing down students   from, Inc. One man’s hatred of God and Christianity is a significant part of the reason that America’s education system now is faltering, according to an international journalist and education expert. “It’s amazing how clear [John […]

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Common Core Unraveled

Ride of Valkyries

LISTEN TO DR. PEG LUKSIK FROM FOUNDED ON TRUTH The opposition to Common Core is growing. While you push back and they raise any objections just submit the objection at and we will fact check. Here’s one you can do yourself. When they say, “But we’ll lose funding.” You reply, “Show me exactly where […]

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Forced Volunteerism?

May 14, 2015 – Dr. Peg Luksik  And the Winner Is…  Both PARCC and Smarter Balanced have completed their Spring 2015 field tests.  State departments of education defended the tests against the concerns of parents, often speaking about the benefits to be gained from their administration.  In the fact that there indeed benefits, those statements […]

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Cherish Mom

Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for keeping the stars within my reach. With love, The voices of New York’s kids A Tribute to You – Watch

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Nassau County Teen Says, “VOTE THEM ALL OUT!”

Here is an excerpt from the speech of Mike Jannis from the Dr. Peg Luksik Education Forum Mike hosted in Nassau County, New York on April 28, 2015. New York has had Common Core for 2 years and we are thankful to the parents, teachers, taxpayers and politicians who have stood firm in the position […]

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