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Counties Help Stop Unconstitutional Common Core

Common Core - Disaster

CALLING ALL COUNTIES OF NEW YORK Common Core is continuing to reveal itself. New York has had it for 2 years and we need to withdraw from it now and help our kids. It’s not working and will NEVER work! You cannot standardized kids. Help stop the war on youth. We are New Yorkers. We […]

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Opt Out New York

Is money more important than my well-being?

Everybody agrees that these state assessments are invalid and unreliable. Instead of pressuring parents to have students take the tests wouldn’t it be great for superintendents to pressure the state to help the parents? Parents are concerned for the well-being and welfare of their children. If the state is attempting to punish the schools for […]

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Unnecessary Complications

Is this necessary?

April 14, 2015 by Dr. Peg Luksik Can you add the numbers 17 and 15? If you are like most adults, you write the number 17, put the number 15 below it, add the ones column to get 12, write the 2 in the ones column, carry the 10, add the tens column to get […]

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One National School Board


Dr. Bill Evers is a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He was a member of the California State Academic Standards Commission in late 1990s and again in 2010, when the Common Core national curriculum-content standards were under consideration. He supervised, together with others, the school system in Iraq in 2003. He was the […]

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Dr. Peg Luksik on Common Core Tests

Invalid and Unreliable

Limited seating for the April 28 East Meadow, NY Education Forum with National Education Expert Dr. Peg Luksik from www.foundedontruth.com. Please email us at info@nyunited4kids.com and request the number of seats you would like for this special event.   Dr. Peg Luksik – Dr. Peg Luksik is a Pennsylvania teacher with over 35 years of […]

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I Consent

I Consent by Dr. Peg Luksik The events we celebrate this week are among the best known in history. A trial and an execution were carried out in the Jewish province of the Roman Empire nearly two thousand years ago. We all know the details. Or have those details become so familiar that we don’t […]

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by David Greene An eighth grader in the Bronx was being tossed out of his middle school even though he was one of the brightest kids there. When I asked him why he was failing, he said, “Why should I be doing the same f…ken thing since I was in third grade?”   Another student […]

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