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Twitter Training Sept 15 8PM ET

Join us for a one hour Twitter Training on Monday, Sept 18 from 8pm to 9pm. You can learn how to get useful information out to a network of followers. Please invite your friends, family and community members to help Tweet for our cause. Shane Vander Hart of Truth in American education will lead our […]

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Women’s Exercise – Get out the vote for Rob Astorino for New York’s Governor

We've got the power!

“When New York is 50 out of 50 with the worst job climate, that doesn’t help women. If anyone is waging a ‘war on women,’ it’s the liberal policies that have produced a lack of opportunity in Cuomo’s New York,’’ Carly Fiorina. Join Team Astorino.

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Flag Raising at Iwo Jima

STOP THE REWRITING OF AMERICAN HISTORY AND MAKE YOUR POLITICAL SPEECH! AP U.S. History Conference Call Recording Hosted by Cathy Sapeta of New Yorkers United for Kids “The College Board Framework (for AP U.S. History) has sparked shock and outrage across America,” says Larry Krieger, renowned author and educational expert on AP U.S. History. New […]

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A Back To School Letter Worth Reading

Parent Letter from Mark Cross

Superintendent tells parents what matters most — and it’s not Common Core By Valerie Strauss August 25 at 1:38 PM Here’s a rather unusual back-to-school letter. It was written by Superintendent Mark R. Cross to the parents of students attending Peru Elementary School District 124, which serves the community of Peru in north-central Illinois with […]

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Time for a change – PUSH Back on the APUSH – Contact the College Board

With 40 million dollars a year going to the private company that is unaccountable and pushing dispiriting and relentless negativity toward America it’s time to Push Back The College Board on APUSH! Please phone them and ask to speak to a TRUSTEE to voice your concerns. Write down the name and phone number of who […]

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Get Answers to your Common Core Questions by Dr. Peg Luksik

In Common Core, students and teachers will be evaluated with Common Core aligned assessments, and rewarded or punished based on the results. Common Core proponents call the assessments valid and reliable. Valid and reliable are actual standards for testing, used in medicine, manufacturing, finance and education. Do the Common Core assessments meet those standards? The […]

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