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New Yorkers United for Kids Newsletter “RAISE NY” Post Mid-term Election 2014 Edition THE GOOD NEWS According to pro-Common Core “High Achievement New York’s” Facebook page: We are pleased that the majority of New Yorkers rejected the cynical “Stop Common Core” political ballot line – which garnered approximately 1% of the statewide vote. The Stop […]

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The Truth. Happy Veterans Day.

Men of Honor. Brave. Defend the Truth.

November 11, 2014 Founded on Truth Those who watched the colonial army in the winter of 1776 would not have given a red cent for its chances. One could see where the sentries had walked their patrols by following the bloody footprints each of them left in the snow behind shoeless and frozen feet. There […]

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Why no Ike? Honor a Vet

In honor of all veterans and with special dedication to my father George who served in US Navy during the Korean War as a Seabee. As I prepare myself to celebrate Veteran’s day in the Hudson Valley I ponder on the origin of Veteran’s Day. Although World War ended with the Treaty of Versailles signed […]

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Don’t Keep Calm – Do Something!

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Share this important information with all of your contacts. WhatsWrong_WithCommonCore New York State Election Results -click here. The truth is like a lion. Set it free and it will defend itself.- St. Augustine Get the facts about Common Core known to your community. Ok, you know something about a tentacle. But what about the Octupus? […]

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Most Important Election for Stop Common Core Movement

New Yorkers United for Kids Newsletter “RAISE NY” Mid-term Election 2014 Edition “Vote your values, not your party!” NEW YORK’S STOP THE COMMON CORE MOVEMENT All things considered, the Stop the Common Core Movement has done so much, especially since we’ve been running this marathon for less than two years. Very few have been there […]

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Change begins with you!

Know where the candidates stand on issues.

“Everyone agrees that it’s time for a change. What no one is saying is that the change we so desperately need begins with each of us as a voter in the ballot box. If we vote the same old way, we will get the same old thing. The labels may change, but the direction won’t.” […]

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